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baltimore, maryland, dc, advertising, publishing, printing, FATA Advertising

baltimore, maryland, dc, advertising, publishing, printing, About FATA

Advertise Locally

  • Involved, Active Readership - Our publications directly target your potential customers in your local area. Our publications reach an active, interested, engaged audience. The church bulletins, community newsletters, community directories and senior center newsletters contain important, current information that your neighbors rely upon. Make your ad a part of that!
  • Repetition - Any effective marketing campaign targets potential customers on a repetitive basis. Your ad will constantly appear in your target market for an entire year! Customers and clients will come to know you as an interested and long-term member of the community. In addition to this constant exposure, you may change your ad copy at no charge.
  • Affordable - We can show you how to target potential customers that are right around the corner or across town with a very cost effective solution. Our advertising is very affordable whether you desire to market to your immediate neighbors or the entire county or across the state. We have the solution for you.
  • Integrity -By advertising in church bulletins, community newsletters, community directories or senior center newsletters your neighbors begin to think of your business as "part of the community." What could give your business more integrity than supporting and advertising in your local community publications? You are reaching out to those families and demonstrating interest in supporting what is important to them.

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